Audio Phone

Audio Guest book Phone

An Audio Guest Book allows you to capture Authentic and Unfiltered Voicemail Messages at your wedding, party or milestone event. Our Audio Guest Books allow you to capture the real voices of your wedding. The Mother that leaves the sentimental, heartfelt message. The cousin that re-tells that “had to be there” moment from 10 years ago.

Our vintage style audio guest book phone rental is the ultimate way to capture your guest’s message for your next Buffalo New York event. Guests pick up the phone, hear your recording, leave their message after the beep, and hang up. No phone line necessary! We make it super easy and fun for guests to leave their own recorded message for your special occasion.

Our audio guestbook phone allows your own custom voicemail message that guests hear when they first pick up the phone. After your event, we will send you all of the messages.