Photo Booth Graphic Templates

Photo Booth Graphic Templates

Your photo booth service includes printed photo strips in the graphic template of your choosing, plus your own custom text. Review the template options below to select a print template for your upcoming event. Notify our team directly with your selection. To skip to a style or theme click the buttons below:

If you’ve selected on of our open air photo booth options, rather than an inclosed canopy, you have the choice to select an open air backdrop in front of which attendees can take their picture. Notify our team which backdrop you’d like:

Photo Booth Graphic Templates

Birthdays, Graduations & Occasions

Holidays & Seasons

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Select Your Photo Booth Graphic Template

If you have reserved a photo booth for your event, you can choose one of our above photo strip graphic templates on which to print photo sessions for you and your guests. Please fill in the form below to inform our team which template you’ve chosen:

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